ECVC Completes Comprehensive Re-branding Campaign

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ECVC is proud to announce the launch of their new website. The new site ushers in a new era for the organization, serving to culminate months of work on a comprehensive re-branding campaign. With a focus on the people of ECVC, the new branding campaign will help energize the organization to move forward through 2016 and into 2017 and beyond with renewed purpose.

Jobs with Purpose

In addition to the new website, ECVC also introduces it’s new tagline, “Jobs with Purpose.” The tagline’s double meaning serves to resonate with both the employees of ECVC and the people with disabilities seeking employment. ECVC Staff work with purpose to create opportunities for people with disabilities to find meaningful work. And the people who are placed by ECVC find valuable jobs that further the company they work for and the community.

Revised Brand, Renewed Direction

The ECVC logo also underwent a necessary revision. While maintaining all of the original design elements, the new logo updates the typeface and surrounding oval to provide better uniformity and bring the logo forward to current design standards. Following closely to the previous design signifies an appreciation and adherence to the mission of the company and the original purpose of the organization. Updating the logo signals a renewal of this mission and a commitment to the purpose of the organization to provide regular, meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

The New Site

With new leadership, renewed purpose and a new logo and tagline, it only makes sense that the digital face of the organization receives a much-needed update as well. Not only does the new site better display all of the different services and products available from ECVC, it also takes very special care to highlight the people that make ECVC possible, the people with disabilities that perform the jobs, create the products, work in the various services and are placed in the positions throughout our community. Sharing the stories of ECVC employees helps to put a better face to the organization and serves to remind the community and the companies who partner with ECVC why the organization is so vital to this underserved population.

We are extremely excited with this renewed direction, and we sincerely hope you enjoy reading all about our organization as much as we enjoy working here. It’s been an honor to serve our community and to provide meaningful work for people with disabilities while providing our region with quality goods and services, and we look forward to continuing together as partners in the betterment of our community.