ECVC Celebrates 51st Annual Banquet

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ECVC Celebrates 51st Annual Banquet

Every year, we at ECVC like to take the time to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate our work over the previous year. This year’s 51st annual banquet takes place on October 6th at 6:30pm at Rock Springs Center, and we have much to be excited about. Not only have we undergone a significant rebranding, we’ve also introduced our new President, Lisa Ward-Ross. In addition to recognizing our work over the previous year, we’re also extremely fortunate to welcome Geri Jewell as our keynote speaker.

Geri Jewell is probably most well known from her role on iconic television show, The Facts of Life. She was the first person with a disability to have a regular role on a prime time series. She began her career doing stand-up comedy in 1978. After her groundbreaking role on The Facts of Life, she appeared on such shows as The Great Space Coaster, the Emmy award-winning movie Two of a Kind, Sesame Street, 21 Jump Street, The Young and the Restless, Strong Medicine, the HBO hit series, Deadwood and was features on the FOX series, Alcatraz.

When Geri is not working in television, she is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and trainer in the areas of diversity and disability. She is famous for her uncanny ability to captivate the hearts of her audiences by using humor to facilitate attitudinal change, allowing people to gain insight into the prospect of seeing disability in a totally different light and gaining hope where there was none, joy where there was pain.

Sponsorship & Reservation Details

If you or your organization are interested in attending this year’s event, we have individual reservations and group/corporate sponsorships available. Visit our Eventbrite page to secure your table or make a reservation! Space is limited, so make your reservation today!

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