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Manufactured in Greenville, NC to military and commercial specifications, the A26 style battery terminal adapters (connectors, lugs) are used for mounting electrical leads to battery terminals on industrial lift trucks, tractor trucks, and many other military applications for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Quantity discounts are available. Minimum orders of either 25 positive or negative adapters are required. Additionally, we have been ISO certified since January 2004 to manufacture, package, label and distribute battery terminal lugs.

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The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description (CID) as a replacement for MIL-A-55059D and MS75004G, which are canceled.

This CID covers terminal adapters for mounting and fastening positive or negative electrical lead to tapered battery terminals utilizing the nuts and bolts provided within the terminal adapter (see figure 1).

1.2 Classification. Terminal adapters shall be of the following types:

Type I – Positive

Type II – Negative

2.0 Salient Characteristics.

2.1 Materials. Materials shall be as specified herein. Materials shall be free of defects which adversely affect performance or serviceability of the finished product. The use of recovered material made in compliance with regulatory requirements is acceptable providing that all requirements of this CID are met.

2.1.1 Body. The body of the terminal adapter shall be made from a lead-antimony alloy having 4 to 7.5% antimony, not more than 1% materials which are neither lead nor antimony, and the remainder lead.

2.1.2 Insert. The insert used in the terminal adapter shall be made of low carbon steel having minimum properties of 30,000 psi tensile strength, 20% elongation, .047 inch thickness.

2.1.3 Bolt and Nuts. The bolts and nuts used for clamping to the battery terminal post and for the mounting of leads shall be made of steel SAE Grade I equivalent or better and plated with zinc chromate or lead.

AMSC N/A – FSC 5940

Distribution Statement A.
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


Figure 1. Battery Terminal Adapter Configuration.

Dimensions are in inches. Unless otherwise specified,tolerances are +/- .015.

Clearance for bolt holes shall be suitable for bolts in drawing.


ECVC has been ISO certified since January 2004 to manufacture wooden picture frames and battery terminal lugs as well as packaging, labeling, and distribution of small batteries and cobalt drill bits.