At ECVC we work with employers to determine their job placement needs and what their optimal employee candidate would look like. We evaluate, pre-screen and work diligently at matching our clients with available jobs within their business at absolutely no cost. Once an employer has chosen their perfect employee, an ECVC Job Specialist will provide on-the-job training to ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and their new employee.

What types of jobs can an ECVC employment candidate fill?

Employee placement through ECVC is possible for any industry and job type. We can fill part-time, full-time and even temporary job roles. We have employment candidates that have experience in customer service, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, janitorial services and much more. Because ECVC offers on-the-job training for the employee you choose, we are able to prepare them for any role with no extra work from you.

Hear what employers have to say

At ECVC we work with you to determine your job placement needs. We pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships with employers and providing them with the very best job candidates to fit their needs. Once a placement is made, our Employment Specialists work with our employers to provide on-the-job training for each employee we place. Keep in mind, this is at no charge to the employer! This quality service develops long lasting business relationships that allow us to understand what our employers need and how to best serve them.

Still have questions? See for yourself. Check out our employer testimonials to hear how we have been able to help hundreds of businesses in our community with their job placement needs.

ECVC employee candidates are...

Self-motivated | Dependable | Dedicated | Hardworking | Productive

Most importantly, all ECVC candidates are highly qualified and willing to do any job you put in front of them.

Click HERE for a list of Myths and Facts about hiring someone with a disability.

Benefits of Hiring Someone with a Disability

People with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s market. The majority of people with disabilities strive to contribute to society in meaningful ways, including finding fulfillment through the workforce. Employment provides them with a sense of independence and acceptance and this creates a drive that inspires a strong work ethic and dedication to their job. Many businesses that hire through our Job Placement Services have said that the employees they hire through ECVC work just as hard, if not harder, than their typically-abled coworkers. Not only is their work ethic strong, but employing someone with a disability adds to the diversity and overall health of any company!

Here are the top five reasons you should hire an employee with a disability:

People with disabilities are reliable and have an overall higher job retention rate.

Employees with disabilities are less likely to get into work related accidents.

Businesses that hire people with disabilities may receive tax credits or incentives.

Workers with disabilities will increase diversity in the workplace.

People with disabilities are fully capable of achieving great success within the workforce.

Since 1965, we have successfully placed countless individuals into meaningful employment opportunities. Some of the organizations that have hired through us include Cracker Barrel, Target, Olive Garden, and Food Lion.

Cracker Barrel Target Olive Garden Food Lion

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Our Job Placement Results

Since 1965, we've successfully placed countless individuals into meaningful employment. Take a look at some of the organizations who have hired from ECVC.

501 Fresh • The Action Group • Aeropostle • Alliance One • Ann’s House of Nuts • Aramark • Arby’s • ASG • Atlantic Care, Inc. • Atlas Cleaning • Best Western • Boli’s On The Boulevard • Bojangles • Burger King • Burlington Coat Factory • Candlewood Inn • Champion Fitness • Cherry’s Tree Service • Christ Presbyterian Church • CiCi’s Pizza • City Hotel • The City of Greenville • Comfort Inn • Cracker Barrel • Cubbie’s • Daily Reflector • Domino's • FedEx • Food Lion • Golden Corral • Golden Living • Greenville Convention Center • Habitat for Humanity • Harmony House Foods • Holden Temporaries • Holiday Inn • Hope Station • International House of Pancakes (IHOP) • Jimmy John’s • Kentucky Fried Chicken • Kinetic Physical Therapy • Logan's Steak House • Lowes Foods • Maxway • McDonald’s • MegaForce • Mellow Mushroom • Michael's • Microtel • Minges Bottling Company • My Sister's Closet • Morgan's Tavern & Grill • New River Pottery • O’Charley’s • Olive Garden • Papa John’s • PCMH • Piggly Wiggly • Pizza Inn • Quality Inn • Ray Of Hope • Rep Express • Sally's Kindercare • Sam’s Club • Save-A-Lot • The Sea Horse • Secure Watch • Seniors Living at Home • Sheetz • Sonic • Southern Living • Taco Bell • Target • Toy’s R Us • Walgreens • Wendy’s • Winslow’s Tavern