Success Stories

Supporting jobs with purpose. It's not just an idea; it's our mission. We work to help people with disabilities find meaningful employment. Since 1965, we've helped countless individuals find jobs with purpose, and their stories are what continue to motivate us each and every day.

Take a look at some of these stories below from employers, ECVC employees and the individuals who have been places to learn more about why ECVC is so essential to our community.

Gail Perkins

Assistant Controller, Business Office

Gail enjoys her role at ECVC because it allows her to interact with employees on every level throughout the organization. In 2015, Gail received the ECVC Foundation Morris Brody Award of Excellence for her dedication to her work and the organization. While not at work, Gail enjoys spending time supporting her kids at various school and sporting events!

"Mostly, I enjoy being a part of an organization that is making an impact in my community. I get the chance to work with some amazing people who are not looking to make excuses, just to make a better way for themselves." - Gail Perkins

Gail Perkins


Jorge Alberto Mejia

Shipping Department | Order Filler

Jorge has been a valuable team member for over five years. There is never any question about Jorge's dedication to our team. He loves to stay busy and completes projects with plenty of time to spare. It is well known that he doesn't like to leave anything unfinished for the next day and will work hard to get all of his tasks done before the end of each shift. Jorge is a loving father to his daughters and is also currently enrolled as a student at East Carolina University and finishing his degree. We are truly thankful for team members like Jorge! He is a great role model to all of our employees.

Quashawn Brown

Framing Department | Material Handler

Quashawn has been a team member at ECVC for over three years. In 2016, he was a recipient of a Foundation Meritorious Service Award for his work with us. Quashawn is a true team player and will fill-in wherever there is a need to help get the job done. He always sets an example for his fellow coworkers with his outstanding work ethic, a positive spirit and his no-complaints attitude. We have seen him grow in his role over the years and everyone really enjoys his team leadership and dedication to the job. In his spare time, Quashawn is an avid lover of all things sports and enjoys watching movies and playing video games.


Milton Clemmons

Milton Clemmons

Production Supervisor | Packaging

With a 24 year career here at ECVC, it's clear to see that Milton is one of our devoted, long-time employees. Over the years, Milton has worked in many different positions here at ECVC and shines in every role he has ever filled. Outside of work, Milton enjoys riding motorcycles and spending quality time with his family.

"I enjoy working with people with disabilities and helping them to grow to be even better when they leave here and find their own place in the workforce" - Milton Clemmons

Antonio Patrick

Employee Success Story of the Year

Each year we work with individuals just like Antonio to provide not only job placement, but job training to help prepare people with disabilities for the workforce. In doing so, we are helping to support Jobs with Purpose which will benefit both the employer and employee.

Ron Anderson

Ron has been a long time employee of ECVC. His work and commitment to ECVC is a testament to the organization's ability to find work that suits everyone; and that when people find the right job for them in the right environment, it can change their entire life.