2023 Foundation Meritorious Service Award

Mary Matthewson, Administrative Assistant is a very valued member of the Programs Department. She has exemplified all of ECVC’s Core Values which are Mission, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Customer Focus.    

Although initially hired to work in the Programs Department, she has demonstrated teamwork abilities by routinely completing tasks from other departments including: Human Resources, Safety, and the Business Office. While completing these other departmental tasks, customers describe her as approachable, informative, and patient.  In performing her main duties, she discovered an error in ECVC’s billing processes. The identification of this error resulted in saving ECVC over ten thousand dollars.  After correcting the billing error, she promptly created a check and balance system to ensure future billing discrepancies would be quickly identified and corrected.   

Mary has also demonstrated a professional and personal alignment with ECVC’s mission through her own familiar experiences with individuals with disabilities. She is also currently enrolled in Pitt Community College’s Gerontology degree program and is completing her internship with ECVC.    

She has been described by her peers as reliable, efficient, and open-minded; all traits needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing workforce environments. Her warmth, beauty, and welcoming atmosphere are on full display with her seasonal décor to all who pass through ECVC’s Program and Marketing departments.   

Mary Matthewson’s dedication, loyalty and exemplary performance reflect great credit upon herself and ECVC, and she is very deserving of this 2023 ECVC Foundation Meritorious Service Award. 

Meritorious Service Award

The ECVC Foundation, formed in 1986, gives Meritorious Service Awards to “. . . award and benefit the employees and managers of the Eastern Carolina Vocational Center who have performed their duties and responsibilities in an “exemplary or outstanding” fashion, all on behalf of the institution.” The ECVC Foundation Board of Trustees presents the awards and monetary amounts at their discretion to ECVC employees who have exemplified ECVC’s core values: Mission, Integrity, Individual Accountability, Teamwork, and Customer Focus. Supervisors and co-workers make the nominations for the award.