2023 Foundation Meritorious Service Award

Towanya Moore is deserving of this foundation award based on her many contributions to the Janitorial department.  Her flexibility and abilities to provide quality services to our customers are a huge asset to ECVC.  She has a wide range of duties in her Janitorial position.  She works at four different locations daily and is a major part of the morning mobile unit twice a week.  She starts early each morning at 7:00 am and provides services to Pitt County Earth Building, Pitt County Buildings and Grounds, PORT Adolescence Center, Pitt County Ag Center and she also works on the mobile unit at Unity Church, Animal Shelter and Farmers Market.     

She is a good team player and willing to work in another person’s location if they are not at work. The many locations that she currently works would be a challenge for many people but it is something that she likes to do and does well.  She is receptive to working the night shift when she is asked to fill in outside her regular shift.  She recently covered a night shift with very short notice.  She worked with the team and never complained about having to change shifts. 

Based on her demonstrated strong work ethic and dedication to ECVC, this 2023 ECVC Foundation Meritorious Service Award was presented to Towanya Moore, full-time Cleaner.   

Meritorious Service Award

The ECVC Foundation, formed in 1986, gives Meritorious Service Awards to “. . . award and benefit the employees and managers of the Eastern Carolina Vocational Center who have performed their duties and responsibilities in an “exemplary or outstanding” fashion, all on behalf of the institution.” The ECVC Foundation Board of Trustees presents the awards and monetary amounts at their discretion to ECVC employees who have exemplified ECVC’s core values: Mission, Integrity, Individual Accountability, Teamwork, and Customer Focus. Supervisors and co-workers make the nominations for the award.