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Christmas and Holidays

Looking for Holiday Help? Contact ECVC!

It’s around this time every year that businesses start searching for seasonal help. From extra baggers at a grocery store, to cashiers at department stores, even gift wrappers at your neighborhood boutique, extra staff is always helpful during the holidays. But where should employers search for the perfect seasonal or temporary help?

Skip the Job Sites, Hire Through ECVC

We work with employers to determine their placement needs and what the optimal employee for their business would look like. We evaluate, pre-screen and work diligently at matching our clients with available jobs with your business or organization. Additionally, all ECVC employees are trained on site or pre-trained for their role by our knowledgeable staff at no cost to you. At ECVC, our goal is to help qualified persons with disabilities attain a higher quality of life through achievement of their vocational goals.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Someone Through ECVC’s Job Placement Services?

Did you know people with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s market? Not only are they seeking employment, they are eager to get started and contribute to your business! ECVC employee candidates are:







Most importantly all ECVC candidates are highly qualified and willing to do any job you put in front of them.

Benefits of Hiring Someone with a Disability

Have you thought about hiring someone with a disability but still unsure of the benefit it could have for your company? Here are the top five reasons you should hire an employee with a disability:

People with disabilities are reliable and have an overall higher job retention rate.

Employees with disabilities are less likely to get into work related accidents.

Businesses that hire people with disabilities may receive tax credits or incentives.

Workers with disabilities will increase diversity in the workplace.

People with disabilities are as capable as anyone else!


Since 1965, we have successfully placed countless individuals into meaningful employment opportunities. Some of the organizations that have hired through us include Cracker Barrel, Target, Olive Garden, and Food Lion. This holiday season, hire through ECVC’s job placements services.

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