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“ECVC is two things: the largest employer of people with disabilities in the eastern region. We also have a placement program that helps train and prepare people for employments,” said Director of Employment Services at ECVC Christina Bell.

ECVC strives to provide opportunities for those who may not always get one.

“It’s not about a disability category or a type. Each person with a disability is an individual. Their needs are individual and they have individual skills and talents that we can capitalize on. Focusing on that, the abilities, the skills, the talent is really the biggest things they can look at instead of the worries or fears,” said Bell.

Consider Steele’s impact, for example. “Drew has made all of our staff and patients realize how happy someone can be and how upbeat somebody can be,” said Lewis.

Warren adds, “Just seeing Drew brightens my day. He always has a smile on his face. He’s always cheerful. When you see somebody like that, you can only be happy.” – WITN.¬†Click here to read the full article.