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The core purpose of ECVC is to help people with disabilities enjoy a higher quality of life through meaningful employment. It’s in our mission statement, and it’s rooted in everything we do. Since 1965, we’ve matched thousands with jobs that align with their skills and strengths. We provide on-site job training at no cost to the employer and provide effective follow-up for up to 90-days after placement to ensure that both the employer and employee are providing added value to each other. Our process is simple: evaluate the strengths of our candidates and place them in the roles that are best suited to those strengths. But it’s our continued one-on-one interaction with both employers and employees that has provided our continued success in job placement services for over 50 years.

Note: ECVC’s placement & training services are FREE; however, once our candidate is placed with/hired by an employer, the employer is responsible for the employee’s wages.


Are you looking for motivated employees who will work diligently for your organization? Look no further than ECVC. We work with you directly to match reliable, motivated employees with your organization. We provide on-site job training as well as regular follow-up for up to 90 days after placement. Learn more about hiring your next employee through ECVC.


At ECVC, it’s our mission to help you reach your vocational goals and find a job that fits you perfectly! Our employees are our stars, and we want all of them to be shining examples of ideal employees wherever they are hired. If you’re ready to work together to find the rewarding job you’ve been looking for, then let’s get to work! Learn more about finding a meaningful career.


Since 1965, Eastern Carolina Vocational Center has been helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment. Through-out the east, ECVC’s job program has provided quality job placement services for thousands of individuals throughout our region. Learn more about how our referral network makes an impact.


Work Adjustment Training

Suited for persons who need to develop basic work habits such as attendance, punctuality, accepting supervision, and following instructions. The program usually lasts six to nine months. Individuals accepted into this program are expected to be able to function in a job after training without long-term follow-up.

Supported Employment

This is a placement program for those with severe disabilities who require long-term support services in order to sustain employment at a site other than ECVC.

Vocational Evaluation

This is usually a four-week program during which an individual’s potential for employment is assessed using methods such as work samples, situational assessment, and paper/pencil testing.



For those needing long-term structured work activities in a facility setting with the option of progressing into a supported employment setting.


Appropriate for those needing instruction in self-care, socialization, daily living, and
pre-vocational skills. Community inclusion activities are an integral component of this program track.

Work Adjustment Job Coaching

This service component is for individuals who need short-term, one-on-one instruction in job skills at a site other than the ECVC manufacturing facility. Such services are not expected to last more than two months and may be as limited as a few hours.

Adult Developmental & Vocational Program (ADVP)

Referral to this program is appropriate for those who have significant limitations in four or more major life areas due to substantial mental retardation, severe physical disabilities, and/or traumatic brain injury.