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Since 1965, Eastern Carolina Vocational Center has been helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment. Throughout the east, ECVC’s job program has provided quality job placement services for thousands of individuals throughout our region.

With our history of success, ECVC has developed lasting relationships with employers by providing quality choices for employment. We have years of experience in finding the right fit for the right employee, delivering quality employment services that consider the employee’s strengths and needs. As we grow and continue to serve our region, we would greatly appreciate your support in referring consumers seeking a partner for success in community employment.


ECVC operates three primary programs designed to help individuals with disabilities achieve their vocational goals.


This program offers time-limited services, usually no more than four months, to help an individual obtain competitive employment. Specific services within this program include assessment, job readiness training, job placement assistance, and on-the-job training once employment is obtained. ECVC has a contract with the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilita-tion Services to provide these services. Other funding arrange-ments may also be accepted, e.g. workers compensation, social ser-vices, public schools, private pay, etc.

Adult Developmental & Vocational Program (ADVP)

This is a long-term program that provides ongoing work and day activities for persons with more severe disabilities. Work activities occur within ECVC’s production contracts. Day activities include instruction in daily living skills, socialization, leisure skills, etc. These activities occur both within the facility and in the community. There is no time limit on enrollment. Rather, enrollment is based on client needs and preferences. ECVC has a contract with Trillium Health Resources, the local management entity re-presenting the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services to provide these services. Other funding arrangements may also be accepted.

Supported Employment

This is a long-term program that assists persons with more severe disabilities to obtain and maintain community employment. This program is has two distinct service phases. The first, an intensive service phase, involves assessment, job development, placement, and one-on-one job site training. The second phase, an extended service phase, involves long-term follow-up to help with job retention. ECVC has contracts with the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide the intensive service phase and with Trillium Health Resources to provide the extended service phase. Other funding arrange-ments may also be accepted.


Individuals must meet the following admissions criteria in order to enroll with our employment services.

If you have any questions about the process or your eligibility, please contact us today:

Must have a disability which currently precludes regular competitive employment | Needs Services with reasonable expectation that program objectives will be attained | Fee sponsorship | Agree to participate in services | Are at least 16 years of age | Have all required legal documents | Pose no threat to themselves or others


Step 1: Complete the referral form, including any required documentation as listed

Step 2: Submit the completed referral packet to the Admissions Coordinator at
ECVC 2100 N. Greene St. Greenville, NC 27835

Step 3: The Admissions Coordinator will contact the referral source to set up admission staffing