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Our recycling service is most likely the most recognizable service we provide in the eastern North Carolina community. For decades, we’ve provided reliable recycling service to organizations and communities throughout Pitt County, and our recycling facility has the capacity to hand sort and bundle 860,000 pounds (or 430 tons) of recyclables a week. It’s through our continued partnerships with the county and other commercial contracts that have enabled our recycling services to grow so consistently and become such a strong presence in our community.

Keep these items out

ECVC Recycling Initiatives

Throughout the years, we’ve successfully implemented a series of recycling initiatives to better educate the community about the benefits of recycling and the proper way of disposing of recyclable items. Explore these initiatives below. Programs and large quantity brochures are available for all of these initiatives by contacting our Recycling Office at 252-830-0797 or [email protected]

Comprehensive Recycling Guide

Through a joint effort by the city, county and ECVC, a recycling brochure was created to include all of the current information concerning recycling in Pitt County. There may still be conflicting information out in certain areas; however, the information in this brochure should answer any question you may have about recycling in Pitt County.

stick in trash

Stick It In The Trash

Stick It in The Trash is an educational program for correct disposal of any type of sharp or needle. ECVC has workers who hand sort the recyclables that come into the MRF (Material Recovery Facility). Quite often, people will put a recyclable plastic bottle into their recyclables bin filled with their needles or sharps. When recyclable materials are picked up, the trucks compact the material and these bottles break leaving sharps loose in the material. The workers on the line that are sorting the material can easily get stuck. The proper way to dispose of these items is to either purchase a container made specifically for disposal from your local pharmacy or use a #2 or heavy duty plastic detergent container with the top taped on.

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Start Recycling Through ECVC

If you’re a business within 50 miles of our 803 Staton Road Recycling Center and would like to learn more about recycling through ECVC, contact us today at 252-830-0797.