2022 Morris Brody Award for Excellence

Amanda Bonds played a critical role this year for both ECVC’s customers and employees. As she has done for years, she has met many of ECVC’s purchasing needs, ensuring employees have daily supplies and materials. She saves ECVC thousands of dollars annually by researching, trialing, and switching vendors for our office supplies when needed to get the best value.

She also stepped up in her Customer Care role, taking on new tasks and cross-training several duties her co-worker was performing. When her co-worker left the company in April, she enthusiastically and thoroughly filled that void. She worked late, juggled many new tasks, and did the job of two people for weeks, showcasing her integrity and commitment to customers and ECVC.

She helped train her new co-worker, quickly bringing him up to speed on his duties. She voluntarily kept many of the more complex tasks. She did all this while deflecting praise, keeping a positive attitude, constantly staying mission-focused, and helping to brighten the day of everyone she met.

Amanda’s contribution during the transitional period in Customer Care cannot be overstated and is in keeping with the highest standards of ECVC. Congratulations to Amanda Bonds (Business Operations Specialist), recipient of the 2022 Morris Brody Foundation Award for Distinguished Service.

2022 Morris Brody Award for Excellence
The ECVC Foundation Board established the Morris Brody Award for Excellence in 2011 to pay tribute to the legacy and memory of Mr. Morris Brody, who founded the Board in 1985. Mr. Brody had a vision of excellence for the operation and activities of ECVC, which he believed could only be achieved through the superior performance of ECVC’s employees. He established the ECVC Foundation Awards Program to encourage and reward outstanding employee performance and provide staff training opportunities.

The Board acknowledges the success and influence of Mr. Brody’s Foundation Awards program as evidenced by the outstanding accomplishments of ECVC. Year after year, ECVC has won acclaim and received numerous local and national awards and recognitions for achieving great success with all its diverse programs. ECVC has helped thousands of persons with disabilities who are now happy, productive employees and citizens.

The “Morris Brody Award for Distinguished Service” is awarded to a staff member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership on behalf of ECVC’s mission to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities.