2023 Walter B. Jones, Jr. Award for Excellence

Charlie Little has been a very vital part of the Janitorial Department for a number of years. His eagerness to fill in and to do any tasks asked of him has made the entire Janitorial team better.   

Often, Charlie goes well beyond what is asked of him to make sure our customers get the best service possible. He never complains about his job and he is always ready and on time no matter where he has to work.  

He is a very talented floor tech that takes care of any stripping/waxing we need to get it done, whether it is during the day or night. He is a key player at ECVC, being able to keep the floors at the Detention Center cleaned. He is always ready to go whenever they call. If we need a general cleaner for office trash, dusting, bathrooms, you name it, he is the go-to guy for those tasks.    

For the past year when our van driver was not available, he stepped-up to the plate and drove the van for months at a time without complaining about the extra duties. If it was not for him being so willing to take on those extra tasks, it would have made all our jobs much more difficult to complete.    

Recently, we had some trouble areas that required a responsible person to step in and help correct some issues. Charlie stepped up and assisted to improve the service in that location.  Without his willingness to be a good team player and help his co-workers, we would often have more challenges to overcome as a team.  We applaud Charlie for his patience and abilities to step in when needed and make a lot of sacrifices for his team.  

For these reasons and more, we proudly presented the 2023 Walter B. Jones, Jr. Award for Excellence for Distinguished Service to Charlie Little, Cleaner/Floor Tech. 

Walter B. Jones, Jr. Award For Excellence

In February 2019, the ECVC Foundation Board established this award in memory of Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr., who had been a long-standing ECVC Foundation Board member since 1985.  Those who knew or worked with Congressman Jones spoke of his decency, moral character, and work on behalf of those in the military. 

In a statement, it is quoted that “Congressman Jones will long be remembered for his honesty, faith, and integrity.  He was never afraid to take a principled stand.  He was known for his independence and widely admired across the political spectrum.  Some may not have agreed with him, but all recognized that he did what he thought was right.”  

“Jones’ legacy will undoubtedly be the unequivocal advocacy he put forth for the men and women who serve in this country’s armed forces, and not just those who lived in his district, but across the nation.”  

Congressman Jones represented ECVC’s core values: Mission, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, and Customer Focus.  Therefore, the Board chose to honor the legacy and memory of Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. by establishing the “Walter B. Jones, Jr. Award for Excellence” to be awarded to an ECVC staff member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and represents ECVC’s core values.