2023 Foundation Meritorious Service Award

Jimmie Jenkins is deserving of this foundation award due to his many contributions to the Packaging Department.  He has been with ECVC for 16 years and knows the area like the back of his hand. When people from other departments come over to work, this employee makes sure that they know what to do and how to do it. 

When his supervisor is out, this employee is really a big help by making sure all the orders get done and that the area runs smoothly.  When he catches up on his multiple tasks, he will sometimes stock everything up in the Zoll battery and blister fill area and then he will go and help out on the Blue Goose machine if needed.  This is a dedicated worker. 

ECVC proudly presents the 2023 ECVC Foundation Meritorious Service to Jimmie Jenkins for his strong work ethic and dedication. 

Meritorious Service Award

The ECVC Foundation, formed in 1986, gives Meritorious Service Awards to “. . . award and benefit the employees and managers of the Eastern Carolina Vocational Center who have performed their duties and responsibilities in an “exemplary or outstanding” fashion, all on behalf of the institution.” The ECVC Foundation Board of Trustees presents the awards and monetary amounts at their discretion to ECVC employees who have exemplified ECVC’s core values: Mission, Integrity, Individual Accountability, Teamwork, and Customer Focus. Supervisors and co-workers make the nominations for the award.